About 2 years ago, I became interested in self-managed online investing so that I could save money on fees and also be able to see how my investments were doing at any given time.

After shopping around for low-fee online trading platforms in Canada, I decided to take the leap with Questrade.

As someone that is brand new to investing, here is what I like most about Questrade:

  • Low Fees: trades are only 1 cent per share, minimum $4.95 to a maximum $9.95 (our bank charges $9.95 regardless of the how small the trade is.
  • Education: Questrade has a lot of videos and articles to help new investors understand how to use the trading platform.
  • Practice Account: Questrade allows you to open a practice account to test them out and practice your trades before making real trades.
  • No Down-Time: I joined several investing groups on Facebook and many times my peers complained that their bank’s trading platform was down. This was a major problem when stocks where plunging and people were trying to sell (or buy) their stocks.

Review: Questrade Low-fee Online Trading Platform

If you are thinking about doing your own trades but don’t want to pay high fees, you cannot beat the flexibility of using an online self directed platform like Questrade.


Open a free practice account today by using our link here.