Recently we were searching for a cheap phone plan for our teenager that wasn’t going to break the bank or give us a heart attack with data overage charges.

Public Mobile was our choice because:

  • it has inexpensive plans with flexible data and talk options.
  • It’s prepaid, so you won’t have “surprise” data overage charges
  • It’s online, making sign-up easy and we can monitor the data usage 

To get started, we had to first check that his phone was compatible with their network.

Next we needed to order a SIM card online for $10. If you are in a hurry, you can also pick-up a SIM card at London Drugs, Wal-mart or a kiosk at some of the shopping malls.

Them we had to unlock the phone, because it was an older model. This was done by calling our old provider Rogers, where the phone was originally purchased.

Once we had the SIM card, creating an account online was easy. Using the Build Your Own Plan feature, we were able to get a really low cost plan for $30/month that includes 1 GB data and unlimited talking in Alberta, plus unlimited texting.

If you just want a phone for emergencies and don’t need data or texting, their $10/month pre-paid plan does the job.

The Good

Overall, Public Mobile offers some of the lowest rates because they are web-based and have no retail locations of their own.

We also like being able to manage the account online without having to wait on hold.

The best feature is that there is no contract and no surprise bills (because you prepay)!

One of the most unique features of Public Mobile is their loyalty program. There are 4 ways to lower your bill even more:

  1. Get $10 for every friend that signs-up and $1 off per month as long as they stay with Public
  2. Save $2/month with auto-payments to your credit card
  3. Save up to $20/month by helping community members in the forum
  4. Save additional $1/month after year one $2/month year 2, and so on…

The Bad

Public Mobile literally does not have a phone number or support team. All customer inquiries are handled via the website and the online forum. This could be frustrating for less tech savvy clients that just want to talk someone.






Thinking Of Taking The Plunge?

Get a Public Mobile $10 account using this link