We first discovered Freedom Mobile when we were looking for a cheap cell phone plan for our teen.

We didn’t need a lot of data and wanted a plan that was less than $30.

Our daughter’s plan was originally $50 as part of a shared data plan on Rogers. We moved her line over to Freedom Mobile, under the following plan:

Data: 250 MB

Text: Unlimited

Talk: 100 outgoing minutes (unlimited in-coming)

Cost: $20/month (savings: $30/month)

After moving our daughter’s plan to Freedom Mobile, I decided that I also wanted to move my plan to Freedom and also get a new phone. My old plan was 2 GB of data and I was paying $45/month with Rogers. You can read about how I got my Rogers bill down from $110/month to $45/month here.

I decided to move from Rogers because I was getting charged for data overages and long distance. If I moved to Freedom, I could get way more data, unlimited calling and a new phone, for just a bit more per month:

Data: 12 GB

Talk + Text: Unlimited in Canada

Phone: iPhone 8

Cost: $65/month

So far we have not had any issues with Freedom Mobile, however we do not travel a lot outside of the city. We live in the suburbs and have not had any issues with reception.

The only issue we’ve had is ordering a SIM card online. I would not recommend ordering a SIM card online to “save time”. It’s better to go to a Freedom location to get signed up and get your new SIM card.

Try Freedom Mobile now and get a $25 account credit by using our link.

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