As a mom of 3, I’ve had more than my share of trips to the doctor’s office or the ER. Over the years I’ve learned that going to the doctor can be a very time consuming task and I generally try to avoid it, unless it’s really needed.

Between travel and wait times, it can really eat up your day. Let’s also not forget how hard it can be to get a sick child out of bed and to the doctor, only to find out they should have stayed in bed and rested.

One of my main concerns about going to the doctor is that the waiting area is full of sick people, who might be contagious. Not fun.

Enter Maple, Canada’s leading online healthcare platform that provides access to Canadian doctors online, 24/7.

Now you can meet with a doctor virtually, from the comfort of your home, office, hotel, vacation property or sick bed.

Doctors are available to discuss most health concerns and can also write prescriptions and order lab testing. They also have specialists like Dermatologists, Psychiatrists and even Lactation Consultants.

With all of the concerns over COVID-19, the timing of this service is brilliant because you can avoid the medical office waiting room.


There is a catch; it’s not for everyone because it’s not free. You can either pay-per-visit or sign-up for an individual or family membership.

Maple is the perfect healthcare solution for busy families that need access to medical advice with the wait.

Learn more about Maple here.