We put our KOHO card to the test by using it exclusively on our vacation.

For those of you that don’t know what the KOHO card is, it’s a no fee pre-paid Visa that you load with money and track your expenses on the KOHO app.

For our vacation I loaded our vacation money onto the card so that we could stick to our budget. At all times I could see how much money we had left in our “vacation fund”, so it was easy to make good money decisions.

For example at point we were getting low on funds, so I was able to scale back on meals out to try to stick with my original budget.


The KOHO card helped us keep on budget, something that would have been very hard to do using my normal bank card.

Why it’s different:

  • the card is pre-loaded by you, so you are not going into debt using credit.

  • the card works just like a credit card, but with the app, you have the ability to easily see all our your purchases, your available balance and spending categories.

Give It A Try!

The KOHO card is free to use, there is no interest, no fees, in fact they pay you to use the card with their “Power Ups” feature, which pays you 0.5% on all purchases.

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