I cringed every time I received my Rogers cell phone. It was $110/month for 4 GB of shared data. I knew that I didn’t need 4 GB of data and I knew there were better deals out there.

After completing the cell phone rate comparisons for BillCrush.ca, I knew that I could save a significant amount of money by switching companies. Before I switched though, I decided to give Rogers one last chance to see if they could reduce my bill.

The first step was to find a better plan with a competitor. After looking at the rate comparisons I decided on a 3 GB for $35/month with Public Mobile.

Next, I called up Rogers and explained that I was leaving them, unless they could match the Public Mobile plan. The first person I talked to was not very helpful and couldn’t offer me anything close to $35/month. So then I asked for the Loyalty Department because I was 100% sure I would be leaving if they did not cough up a better deal.

I highly recommend you ask for the Loyalty Department right off the bat, because I wasted 15 minutes talking to someone that didn’t have the authority to cut me a deal.

Once on the line with the Loyalty Department, I was able to secure a plan that was 2 GB for $45. Not exactly $35/month, but a 60% reduction in price and a savings of $65/month, which adds up to a whopping $780/year.

Switching companies is one of the best ways to save on your cell phone bill, but if you don’t want to go through the trouble of switching, we highly recommend you try negotiating a reduction in your bill by threatening to leave.

If you are considering a new cell phone plan provider, use our links below for these great sign-up incentives:

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Freedom Mobile:  $25 Account Credit

Rogers: $50 Account Credit

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