Alberta Talk + Text Plans – Data Under 2 GB

Here’s our round-up of the cheapest Alberta cell phone plans that include under 2 GB of data.

Freedom Mobile - $15/month

Data + Network

Data: 250 MB
Network: LTE


100 Anytime Canada-wide Minutes


100 Texts Canada + U.S.



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Public Mobile - $30*/month (Less $10/mo for 6 months)

Data + Network

Data: 1.5 GB
Network: 3G


Unlimited Canada-wide Minutes


Unlimited Texts International


$30*/Month Prepaid

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*Sign-Up Incentives Through Bill Crush

Public Mobile: Save $10/month for 6 months on plans $30 or more until March 4th. Plus get a $25 account credit if you use our referral code phone number: 8259949140.

Rogers Mobile: use link for a $50 account credit upon sign-up

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